Discord for Xbox: Microsoft starts the public beta
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Discord for Xbox: Microsoft starts the public beta

Microsoft has made Discord voice chat available to more Xbox console players. The integration is now available to all beta channel members, not just a few Insiders. Everyone has the opportunity to test the function. Discord integration on Xbox consoles can be a boon in times of crossplay gaming.

It was a surprise to many. The acquisition of Microsoft was deemed to have expired after Sony acquired a stake in discord. They promised a PlayStation 5 app. The Redmonders are now joining the party before the Japanese. Xbox Insiders receive Discord voicechat integration. Discord’s voicechat connectivity has been limited to the Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings. These rings are available only to a small number of Xbox Insiders.

Microsoft has announced that the beta channel now supports the feature. All interested players now have the option to equip their Xbox Series S or Xbox One with Discord. To begin the installation, you will need the latest beta firmware. This can be downloaded from the Xbox Insider Hub app. Microsoft provides the following instructions.

Discord Voice: How can you participate in the public beta?
Get the latest Discord Mobile App or the Xbox Mobile App.
You will need the Discord beta application for Android. This can be done in advance, or you will be asked to do it in the steps.
Open the guide on Xbox and click the “Parties & Chats” tab.
Click on the button “Try Discord Voice for Xbox!” and scan QR code using your mobile phone. This signal will let Discord know that you are an Xbox Insider.
To link your accounts, follow the Discord mobile application instructions (even if you have already connected Xbox and Discord).
Follow these instructions to join a Discord conversation and send the audio to your console.
There is no standalone app yet
Discord is the only place where all calls and voice channels can be forwarded to Xbox. A separate app is currently not available. Microsoft is working on an alternative to Xbox Voice Chat. This should be available for players who want to join crossplay sessions with their Xbox, PS5 or Nintendo Switch. Microsoft has not yet announced when it will make Discord available to all Xbox Series X/S owners and Xbox One owners.


Discord for Xbox: Microsoft starts the public beta
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