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Discord App: Screen Sharing Feature Comes To iOS And Android Apps

The desktop application for the communication platform discord now has a function to transfer screen content. The feature is now available in the mobile apps. Screen sharing is available for Android and iOS customers.

This announcement was made by the developers of the platform in a video. Techcrunch states that mobile Discord users will be able to use the screen sharing function on their smartphone to share any content with their contacts. These could be games, social media apps, or video platforms.

Limit 50 Participants

The maximum number of people who can receive the same screen transmission at the same time is 50 to avoid overloading the server or other instabilities. It doesn’t matter how many people are using the voice channel at once. Multiple users can use the screen sharing feature to share their screen content simultaneously. This means that 50 international users can view the video.

Soon, the function will be available

The screen sharing function is currently distributed in waves, so it cannot be used by everyone. The latest version of the smartphone application is required to enable screen sharing. The Google Play Store has the Android version, but the iOS app is only available in the Apple App Store.

Discord App: Screen Sharing Feature Comes To iOS And Android Apps
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