Details and a new teaser for HarmonyOS 3
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Details and a new teaser for HarmonyOS 3

Today Huawei confirmed that HarmonyOS 3 will be presented on July 27th. They also released a teaser.

HarmonyOS, a fully-fledged proprietary operating platform launched by Huawei on 8/9/2019. It has been the fastest-growing operating system in the world since its inception.


The full-screen connection feature based on HyperTerminal allows multiple devices to communicate with each other and helps them all while being simple and easy to use. Initial feedback suggests that HarmonyOS 3 will continue to improve in terms speed, privacy protection and user interface design.

Clipboard privacy protection and an improved interface will be added. The system also has an integrated anti-fraud function that has been significantly improved. Other features include a super desktop and screen lock cards.


Huawei Mate 50 will be the first smartphone to use the new operating system. It is expected that it will be available in August.

Details and a new teaser for HarmonyOS 3
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