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Deadpool 3 Release Window Set, Kevin Feige Says In Latest Update

Deadpool 3 Release Window Set, Kevin Feige Says In Latest Update

Deadpool 3 Release Window Set, Kevin Feige Says In Latest Update

Kevin Feige updated us on the highly anticipatedDeadpool 3Film that has been awaited by fans for a long time. This will be for those who don’t already know.DeadpoolThis will be the first film to be officially released that is part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) storyline. This means that he won’t have an independent world/storyline.Avengers?Guardians of the GalaxyAnd, of course,Spider-Man.

In an interview with’s Brandon Davis, Feige hinted at Marvel Studios’ many future projects during the Phase Zero podcast. The updates covered Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Dominique Thorne’s Ironheart. They also discussed the release window for Avengers 5 and the Spider-Man: No Way Home video.

Feige’s update about Deadpool 3 was confirmation that Ryan Reynolds and Ryan are working on the script. Feige stated this after confirming that Deadpool 3 will be released by Marvel Studios. Many fans have been kept in the dark about this project for a long time. Marvel is doing a great job keeping secrets, even with all the leaks and current internet climate. This is especially true in light of recent DC movie leaks.

Reynolds predicted recently that Deadpool 3 would begin filming in the next year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic as well as the long writing process, fans need patience and should not count the days until the movie is released. Marvel has five projects that will be part of Phase Four in 2023. Ant-Man, the Wasp: Quantumania, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Three are the only ones with official titles. The other three are listed as “untitled Marvel movies”. Deadpool may be one of these projects, as one of the untitled films has been moved from 2022 into the 2023 slot. However, there is no confirmation.

This is a good thing because Marvel has confirmed that Deadpool will be keeping his current cinematic storyline. The previous two movies won’t be retconned. The only Fox/Marvel property that will remain the same is Deadpool. However, he will be subject to slight adjustments for the MCU. It is not known if this will affect the X-Men characters that appeared in Deadpool films such as Juggernaut or Colossus, but the original X-Men films will not be included in the MCU.

Finding the right actors/actresses to cast the X-Men characters in the MCU is the most exciting part of fitting them into the universe. It is a difficult task to say the least. Multiple X-Men characters are available, which is not a comparison to the few Avengers that were used in the first two films. It’s a small step at a given time. Fans can take comfort knowing that Deadpool is moving on to the MCU.

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