Brewpub Simulator is Coming to Steam
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Brewpub Simulator is Coming to Steam

This lease will be effective in 2023. However, the description, screenshots, and system requirements were already published.

Legend has it that the player must bring new life to the old pub he inherited from his grandfather. His craft beer soon became a hit with locals, and the small business thrived. Then, big companies came on the market, and the pub declined. Here is where the fun begins: the user will need to restore the family business to its former glory.

The user can decorate the pub according to their vision. They will also be able to optimize the brewing process and create beer recipes.

The system requirements for the simulator are minimal: a Core i5-2500 or higher processor, 3 GB RAM, and a 3D card such as a GeForce GTX780 GTX or Radeon R7 260X.

Brewpub Simulator is Coming to Steam
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