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Apple TV 4K drops to $150, plus the best Prime Day deals you can get

Apple TV 4K drops to $150, plus the best Prime Day deals you can get
  • The first Amazon Prime Day deals are already in full swing with just a few more days before the big day. Amazon Prime Day is just a few days away and Core members will be able to get Echo Dots as well as Kindles and Fire TV devices for less. However, anyone can purchase the latest Apple TV 4K at one of the lowest prices we have ever seen. Roku also offered a discount on most of its devices ahead of Prime Day. This allows you to purchase any of the streaming devices at a lower price. Wellbots has some Google products, including Nest Audio, available for purchase if you are looking for a smart speaker. These are the best tech deals that you can still find this week.

    Apple TV 4K

    Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

    The Apple TV 4K’s latest model with 32GB storage is on sale for $150. This is close to the record price. The 64GB model was also reduced to $170. This set-top box was our top choice premium device. It earned 90 points for its speed, Dolby Vision, Atmos support and improved Siri remote.

    Amazon: Buy 2021 Apple TV (4K) 32GB – $150 Amazon: Buy 2021 Apple TV (64GB – $170

    echo point


    Prime members saw the Echo Dot drop to $20 before the two-day shopping event. This smart speaker is a favorite because of its compact design, high audio quality, and tap-to snooze. The standard Echo, which is priced at $60, has more powerful speakers.

    Amazon Echo Dot (Prime exclusive) – $20 Amazon Echo (Prime exclusive) – $60

    Echo Show 5


    Prime members can now get the Echo Show 5 for $35. This smart monitor is smarter than your average alarm clock. This smart monitor is a great choice with its 5-inch screen, ambient light sensor and smart home controls. We also like the tap-to-snooze function. Prime members can also purchase the 1st Gen Echo Show 8 for $55, which is a larger model.

    Echo Show 5 (Prime Special) on Amazon for $35. Echo Show 8 (Prime Exclusion) on Amazon for $55

    Fire tv cube

    Amazon Fire TV Cube streaming device. data-uuid=”e67b832a-8886-44f0-86cd-4022bad2063f” src=”–/Zmk9Zml0O3E9MTAwO3NzPTE7dz02NzU7YXBwaWQ9ZW5nYWRnZXQ-/”/>
    Nicole Lee / Engadget

    The Fire TV Cube can be purchased by core members for $60, half the regular price. You can stream 4K, Dolby Vision, and Atmos. It also supports hands-free Alexa control.

    Amazon Prime Exclusive: Fire TV Cube (Prime Exclusive) – Only $60

    Kindle Children’s Edition

    img alt=”A child reading Kindle Kids e–reader.” data-uuid=”4e4b33ef-0cc0-3036-a68d-a2975171ea4c” src=”–/Zmk9Zml0O3E9MTAwO3NzPTE7dz02NzU7YXBwaWQ9ZW5nYWRnZXQ-/”/>

    Amazon’s Kindle Kids Edition is now $50 for Prime Members. This is a 55% discount and the lowest price we have ever seen. It’s a regular Kindle with a couple of extra perks for kids. There is a 2-year warranty, a child-friendly case and a 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription. The previous generation Fire 7 tablet, which is slightly more versatile, is available for $30.

    Amazon Prime Exclusive: Kindle Kids (Prime) – $50 Amazon Fire 7 (Prime) – $30

    Amazon smart thermostat


    Amazon has a number of smart home devices on sale, including its smart thermostat. Prime members can get it for as low as $42 This thermostat is a cheaper version of higher-end smart thermostats and allows you to control your home from anywhere with the Alexa app. It can also respond to Alexa voice commands while you’re at home.

    Amazon Smart Thermostats – $42 Smart Home Deals

    Amazon Glow


    Amazon’s Glow for children costs more than half, and Prime members can get it for $150. The device combines an 8-inch screen for video calling with a projector that projects a 19-inch interactive display on the front. It can be used by children to solve puzzles, play games, and read stories. Family members can also connect with it using their smartphones or tablets.

    Amazon Prime Exclusive: Glow (Prime) – Buy Now – Only $150

    Charge Fitbit 5

    Valentina Palladino / Engadget

    Amazon currently has the Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch and Fitbit Sense smartwatch for sale. The Charge 5 can be purchased for $110, while the Sense is available for $171. The Charge 5 was awarded 82 points for its precise GPS, slimmer design and Fitbit Pay standard feature.

    Amazon: Buy Charge 5 – $110 Amazon: Buy Sense – $171

    Roku Streambar

    img alt=”Roku Streambar soundbar placed on a white table.” data-uuid=”1efc2e9b-98d8-36fc-b6da-9c4b43f0eac8″ src=”–/Zmk9Zml0O3E9MTAwO3NzPTE7dz02NzU7YXBwaWQ9ZW5nYWRnZXQ-/”/>
    Valentina Palladino / Engadget

    Streambar, one of several Roku devices on sale at $90 right now. It received an 86 score for its compact design and solid audio quality.

    Amazon Streambar – $90

    Google Nest Audio


    Wellbots has reduced the Nest Audio smart speaker and the Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub Max. Nest Audio starts at $40 and can be purchased for as low as $60 using the code EGDT40 when you check out. Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max go on sale for $60 and $169 respectively with the code EGDT60.

    Nest Audio at Wellbots $60 Nest Hub Max at Wellbots $60 Nest Audio at Wellbots $169

    Jabra Elite 7 Pro


    Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro wireless headphones can be purchased at 30% off and as high as $140. These headphones are smaller than the 85ts’s and will be their successors. These devices have adjustable noise cancellation, up to nine hours of battery-life, and can be charged for as long as nine hours.

    Jabra Elite Pro7 on Amazon – $140

    Mini Positive Grid Sparkle

    Positive Grid

    Positive Grid is offering a great deal on their Spark Mini when you pre-order it. The Mini will come with a crimson-colored grid for $199. This is $30 off the regular price. Spark Mini is a compact version of the company’s classic amplifier. It can be carried around and used as a Bluetooth speaker.

    Spark Mini on Positive Grid $199

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