Apple To Use Mini-LED In New MacBook Pro Expected In September
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Apple To Use Mini-LED In New MacBook Pro Expected In September

Experts believe that the new MacBook Pro should be available by September, after some dates have passed for its possible presentation. Apple may then equip its new macOS notebooks, among others, with mini LED displays and additional connections.

According to Digitimes, Apple is currently requesting help from its suppliers in the production of a new MacBook Pro. According to the report, Apple is currently shopping for mini-LED components that could be used in its laptops. The report also confirms that OLED speculation was not a possibility. The rumor mill has been talking for a while about new Pro models, which will be available in a 14- or 16-inch format. Insiders believe that new MacBooks will be available in September or October.

MagSafe, new design, more connections and many other features.

According to projections, the MacBook Pro 2021 is expected to be the most significant redesign in recent years. Apple’s recognition value should not be lost, but the design should reflect the iPhone and iPad portfolios. One suggests an angular appearance with flat sides and extended interfaces. The HDMI, an SD reader and conventional USB-A ports are all being considered. MagSafe’s power connector, which has been used for wireless iPhone charging accessories in the past, will also be making a comeback.

Insiders claim that the MacBook Pro models could lack a striking feature – the touch bar. Apple’s suggestions do not support the idea that the touch bar should be popular. Instead, it should be replaced with classic function keys (F1-12). Rumours abound about a new processor, which could be installed using a further Apple M1 chip (e.g. M1X and M2. In the lead-up to the autumn presentation, it is expected that more MacBook leaks will be made. This kind of rumor should be treated with some skepticism until then.

Apple To Use Mini-LED In New MacBook Pro Expected In September
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