Apple Might Downgrade The RAM For MacBook Pro

Apple Might Downgrade The RAM For MacBook Pro

Professional users and creative professionals will be able to choose from the 14-inch and 16-inch versions of the new MacBook Pro. This is what could see a decrease in performance.

Apple has updated only the MacBook Air, and the entry-level configurations for the MacBook Pro with the new ARM-based M1 chips. The top models will be available later in the year. However, there may be some limitations to memory, as Luke Miani, YouTuber, reports. Apple may drop the 64GB option on the large 16″ model and allow 32GB RAM.

The reason for downgrading is not known

This change is unlikely to affect ordinary consumers, particularly since the 64GB option on the 16-inch MacBook currently comes with a heavy surcharge of 920 Euros. The main memory can become a bottleneck for professional video and photo editing, especially when you consider the graphics unit (GPU), of the possible Apple M1Xchip, will also use it. It is not clear why California’s company would accept this step backward. Technical obstacles may also be involved.

Miani discusses the possibility of RAM downgrade and the integration an illuminated touch ID sensor to allow animations. This would replace the touch bar. A UHS 2 SD card reader is being considered for faster transfer speeds. According to YouTube, Apple plans to create a new design for its MacBook Pro with 14-inch and 16-inch displays. The announcement of MacOS laptops is expected to take place in the third quarter or fourth quarter 2021.

Apple Might Downgrade The RAM For MacBook Pro
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