Apple M2 Now Provides More Power With The Same Consumption
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Apple M2 Now Provides More Power With The Same Consumption

Apple presented the second generation Apple Silicon at . This generation’s starting chip is the basic chip: The M2 is made using an “optimized 5-nm process”, has 20 billion transistors instead of 16, and consumes significantly less than the M1. The M1 was released at the end 2020.

More than the M1
The Apple houses 4 billion transistors in an optimized, but essentially identical manufacturing process. However, the Apple has a slightly larger surface area than the original, provided that the rendering by the manufacturer is accurate.

You can store up to 24GB with more bandwidth
Apple has made significant improvements to the M2’s memory interface: there will be 16 and 24 GB options (instead 8 and 16 GB), and the CPU and GPU will divide the memory 50 and 100 GB/s faster.

8 CPU cores are 18% faster
The M2 is also based on an 8-core ARM processor with four high performance cores and four high efficiency cores, just like the M1. Apple stated that both have been extensively revised. The WWDC 2022 keynote revealed only a small amount of information: the four cores with the most power will now share 16 MB of L2 cache instead of 12. Performance has been reported to be higher for the Efficiency cores. It seems to have stayed with the microarchitecture.

Apple M2 Apple did not give details but the M2 should run 18% faster than the M1 at the same 15-watts consumption. Apple believes it is in a better position than notebook processors from Intel or AMD.

25 percent more GPU cores
Apple has increased the number of GPU cores in the M2 by offering 10 instead 8 “GPU cores”. This will allow for up to 35 percent greater power at the top but also higher consumption. It should be 25% – 25% more cores should scale 1:1 with power and the same consumption.

Media Engine such as M1 Pro
Apple has also increased the Media Engine in comparison to the Apple M1. This, like the M1 Pro comes with a video encode/decode engine and video encoding engines. Apple did not mention AV1, which means it cannot be decoded in hardware.

Apple M2 Other adjustments to the M1 include a neural engine that can perform 15.8 billion operations per seconds (+40%) and a new image signal processing processor that would provide better noise reduction. The Secure Enclave would be revised.

Apple M2

MacBook Air 2022, MacBook Pro 13-inch 2022: First use
The new MacBook Air, with MagSafe charging port (Liquid Retina Display) and 13.6-inch screen (redesigned fundamentally), and the new MacBook Pro 13 inch are the first to go on the market with Apple M2.

Apple M2 Now Provides More Power With The Same Consumption
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