Apple iPhone 14: More images show the new notch alternatives
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Apple iPhone 14: More images show the new notch alternatives

The iPhone 14 family is expected to be out in the fall. This will set the tone for Apple which would have a display that does not include a notch. The rumors are confirmed by new leaks, which also show photos of possible front panels. Only two models of the four have the “freedom from limitations” designation, as it is well known. Smartphone manufacturers have worked for years to create a front with a large display that is not only foldable, but also exotic models.

The future will see sensors, cameras and other devices hidden under the screen. Apple has not found a perfect solution to this problem, so the American manufacturer will continue to use the annoying elements above its display. The iPhone 14 Pro (Pro) should still be used on two tracks.

Cameras with clutter factor, narrow frames and new sizes
The iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Max could have the traditional notch. However, the Pro models will have a perforated camera. Other Pictures have confirmed that the pill-shaped recess has been seen in several drawings. The screen frames of the iOS smartphones iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max are smaller than the iPhone 9.9. They also have a narrower aspect ratio. Apple would not launch a design revolution in this area.

Manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung have used punch-hole front cameras with round or pill-shaped holes for years. Cupertino should signal that the notch is being phased out in future, at least for the iPhone portfolio. Although the design was widely criticized, it has recently been added to the MacBook Pro line, although without Face ID facial recognition. It is expected that the notch will disappear entirely in two years.


Apple iPhone 14: More images show the new notch alternatives
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