Android 12 To Offer Device Search API For Third-Party Launchers
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Android 12 To Offer Device Search API For Third-Party Launchers

Google has released the second preview of Android12 developers. It was available for one month. We were given some clues that Google may add more features to the final version. A new search widget is available for Pixel Launcher. Search functions will let users search for contacts, apps, settings, and more. on the device.

This feature is not limited to Android Pixel phones. We have evidence that it may be available to third-party launchers. Android 12 will make it easier to search for content on mobile phones.

The Android 12 preview documentation provided new evidence to the developers of the Niagara launcher. According to the document, Google will introduce a new Android 12 device search API. This API will allow third party launchers to share a common search function. This will enable third-party startups to “access the central AppSearch index maintained in the system”.

The AppSearch index, as mentioned in the document is a search library that maintains structured data. These are its characteristics:

Stand-alone, completely offline solution

An API set for applications programs that index and retrieve documents using full-text search.

Allow applications to access APIs to allow the system to display content on its surface.

The API of the application allows it to share its content with other applications.

This feature will enable users to stop using third-party apps to complete their work. Users will also be able search almost any item on the device directly via the search bar. Although there are no details at this time about the feature’s implementation, we will be launching the next Android 12 developer preview version to provide more information.

You can use similar functions in other third-party apps, but it is better to have the Android12 system function directly. This will allow you to increase the basic functions on every device that runs the operating system version.

Android 12 To Offer Device Search API For Third-Party Launchers
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