Amazon Prime drastically increases its prices in Europe

Amazon Prime drastically increases its prices in Europe

In September 2013, the Amazon Prime subscription is going to be increased. Instead of paying 49 euros, the monthly rate will go up to 5.99 euros to 6.99 euro. However, you’ll have to pay 69.90 euros a year. Prime’s expanding services justifies the increase.

The Boys – Amazon PrimeWe knew it would happen, and it is now official: Amazon Prime will increase its prices in France. The subscription cost will increase slightly starting on 15 September. This applies to all Europeans, not just French and German. Amazon made the announcement via email. He was sent to all subscribers tonight. If you use Gmail, be careful. It may have ended in the promotion section.

Amazon justifies a price rise
These are the new Amazon Prime subscription pricing:

6.99 Euros per Month Compared to 5.99 Euros per Month before
69.90 euros per year against 49 euros per year
It is evident that Amazon wants to be paid annually. The monthly subscription costs more than 80 euro per year. This is a way to retain customers for longer.

These prices are for the student package:
3.49 euros per month against 2.99 euros per month
34.96 euros per year against 24 euros per year
Amazon’s ever-growing catalog services justifies the price hike. Amazon Prime provides both site ordering and access to its movie and series catalog. We are committed to continuously improving the Prime program.

Prime has been launched in France. We have expanded the range of eligible products for Prime unlimited quick delivery. We also added and expanded fast grocery deliveries. And we added premium digital entertainment such as TV shows on Prime Video, music from Amazon Music Prime, games on Prime Gaming, books on Prime Reading, and more.

Prime Video has added streaming access to the French Open tournament and increased the number and quality of Amazon Original series. Although it is a valid argument, it is difficult to believe that Amazon is in serious trouble. Prime isn’t the only subscription plan to have seen its prices rise in recent years. Netflix’s prices increase regularly, and Disney Plus saw its prices rise a little in 2021.


Amazon Prime drastically increases its prices in Europe
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